Parallel is a motion design studio based in Paris.

We are a team of directors, motion-designers, illustrators who all share one same belief:
Taking care of the tiniest details makes all the difference.
This dedication applied to innovative concepts is what signs our creations.

Once we start working on your project, our passion for high concepts and great imagery will take the lead.
Together, we'll determine which technique suits you the best and helps you connect with audiences, whether they're watching TV or browsing social media.
We will design, shape, structure;
we will animate, accelerate, adjust;
we will relentlessly polish, until we end up with a film that moves you, and that we can all be proud of.

Parallel was founded in 2015 by the 3 directors of Parachutes. They met in graphic design school ESAG-Penninghen, where they spent 5 years studying the relationships between composition, shapes, typography and color, and also developed a true sense of rigor in creation.