Art direction Parallel Studio
Motion design Parallel Studio & Hugo Leick
Music Samuel Barber — Adagio for Strings
Sound design Zelig Sound

During the summer of 2016, we created and directed a video about unsatisfying situations: the frustrating, annoying, disappointing little things of everyday life, so painful to live or even to watch ; those little "not such a big deal but still!" moments that make you cringe.
We got inspired by those "most satisfying videos" that can be found all over the internet, relating a series of enjoyable satisfying moments to contemplate, often explained by the perfection those tasks are executed.

satisfying candy
satisfying key lock

The slightly retro design and warm reassuring colors, which seem to come from the end of a nice summer day, contrast with the unpleasant situations and emphasize the frustration of the endings.

unsatisfying vending machine
unsatisfying mini golf
unsatisfying firework
unsatisfying basketball hoop

With the launching of the film, we broke down each scene in 15 episodes for our Instagram feed. Below some examples.

We quickly realized that there were a lot of other scenarios that would be fun to see animated, so we decided to run an animation challenge around this idea, aimed at the motion design community. The principle is simple : produce a short video between 1 and 10 seconds in motion design relating an unsatisfying moment. We received more than a hundred unsatisfying short films, all visible here: unsatisfying.tv/.