Creative Direction Thibault de Fournas
Yann Pineill
Nicolas Lefaucheux
Motion design Hugo Leick
Maxime Bousquet
Yann Pineill
Agency MC Saatchi&Saatchi GAD
Music & Sound Design Parallel Studio

To celebrate its 235th anniversary, Chaumet held an exhibition at the Mitsubishi Museum in Tokyo looking back on key moments of its history. For the occasion we had the chance to create a series of 8 films which reflects on the founding themes and jewels of the brand.

This series is built around 8 jewelry boxes and the surprise that comes along their openings. Like the opening of an history book, each box contains a real tiny universe. Unveiling a short animation about the jewel and a strong theme of the brand.

Ecrin Chaumet animation

Mixing photography, illustration, line art, watercolor and 3D; The worlds of Chaumet offer spectators a surprising and unexpected journey into the history, culture, know-how and style of the Maison.

Univers graphiques Chaumet Overview of each films’ graphic styles

This set of films is online on the exhibition’s dedicated website, which was built using extracts from the films we created. It’s also been displayed during the exhibition and on Chaumet’s social medias.

Capsule internet Chaumet