Direction & Art direction Parallel Studio
Motion design Parallel Studio
Sound design Septième

Carlab is a research lab created by the large automotive supplier Valeo, which studies future innovating car equipment. The Carlab team contacted us to relate their story.

Valeo did not wish to lose their values of sociability and humanity, so we chose to approach robotics and technology from a more accessible perspective : retrofuturism.

car simulator
electric engine
character morphing
rocket animation

This 60’s old-fashioned conception of future offers an amusing palette of codes and symbols, for audio and visuals as well ; morphings are smooth and bouncy, character design is cartoonesque, and colors are textured and warm. On its part, the music reminds us of an old 50’s commercial.

By such, we avoid the cold and clinical images that specialists and scientists can sometimes inspire, and we instead propose a joyful video accessible to everyone.


Above, research sketches for character design and vehicles.