Art Direction Parallel Studio
Animation Parallel Studio
Illustration Parallel Studio & Florent Hauchard

In November 2016, The New York Times asked us to create a short animation for their 2016 Gift Guide introduction. The brief specified the short film should roll out in order to discover the gift guide website main menu with several different headings. Our New York Times contact explained us: for the end of the 2016 year, they wish they had an urban universe with skyscrapers skyline.
From this idea, we imagined a vertical travelling in a city which looks like a fantasized New York in the winter morning. This travelling starts with the sky and goes down along the buildings to end up in a lively district of the city.

NY Times 1
NY Times 2
NY Times 3
NY Times 4
NY Times 5

This last shot becomes the gift shop homepage. We integrated to this landscape several types of emblems and signs, which are actually links to the website’s different sections. In order to highlight those sections, we animated all of the signs; the animation is triggered when they are hovered by the mouse.

NYT Book
NYT Food
NYT Home
NYT Travel

We tried our best to bring a lot of details to life, so if you watch closely you will discover a lot of tiny animations.