HOUSE OF CANDY (director's cut) - STOP MOTION

Art direction Lenthal
Direction Parachutes
Editing & Motion design Parallel Studio
Color grading & cleaning McMurphy
Shooting crew Manuel Cam
Production Slowdance

We had the chance to be contacted by the notorious french studio Lenthal, specialized in luxury, including the communication for fragrances Prada Candy. With a very retro design and flashy colors, the global communication for Candy stands out for its strong inspiration of the 70’s.

Lenthal came with this idea of a film entirely animated in stop-motion, a hommage to the 70’s french TV program for children : Chapi Chapo, also animated in stop-motion.

chapi chapo 1
chapi chapo 2

The challenge was to give real life to these bottles while emphasizing the large range of products. Bottles become actual characters, who interact, dance, play. We broke the film down in various short scenes, highly efficient content for social networks, easily consumed, commentated and shared.

prada gif 1
prada gif 2
prada gif 3
prada gif 4

prada making of 1
prada making of 2
prada making of 3

Before the shoot, we storyboarded and made 3D simulations of most of the scenes. Above some photos of the shooting, and below the scene revealing the ingredients for the making of the fragrance, with 3D animatic used by stop-motion animators the day of shooting.

simulation 3D