CHLOE - Exclusive bags - MOTION DESIGN

Art direction & direction Parallel Studio
Motion design Hugo Leick & Muhammad Khairil
Sound design Parallel Studio

We had the chance to work with Chloé for the creation of three very short animations to promote three very limited edition bags. Each one of these bags represents the opening of three new Chloé stores : one in London, Singapore and Tokyo. The design are inspired by local symbols and images : the singaporean phoenix, Pearly Queens and Kings from the streets of London, or the famous fireworks from Tokyo.

pearly kings queens

The idea was to focus on the illustrated patterns by emphasizing nice abstract and geometrical compositions, in a frenetic edit.

flower animation
pearls animation
fireworks animation

Once the background is entirely covered by patterns, it suddenly disappears to reveal the hidden bag. By doing so, we highlight the craftsmanship and uniqueness of these bags.